Designer-Friendly AV/Automation

Since the dawn of time, the relationship between AV/Automation contractor and designer has been, shall we say…complicated.  Both parties have wildly divergent priorities and in most instances, this sets up an akward adversarial relationship.  We value our designer relationships, so in an effort to please our friends in the design community, we have curated an impressive array of products that look as good as they perform.

Lighting Fixtures and Controls


Ketra Trimless LED

Ketra D3 Square Trimless Natural LED

Everybody values excellent light.  Here at KINETIQ, we offer an extensive array of the highest quality fixtures available.  With the advent of natural lighting systems, such as those we offer from Ketra, nobody is better prepared for the advanced controls and planning necessary than we are.  Not the electrician and certainly not the lighting showroom.  We are able to offer this amazing lighting performance in incredibly designer-friendly packages, such as small 3″ trimless openings flush-mounted in sheetrock with your choice of circular or square bezels.  We’ll work with your designer to highlight artwork or other points of interest in the room and we can even highlight blues or reds or whatever is desired by tweaking the mix of colors that make up light.


Lutron Palladiom Keypad

Lutron Palladiom Keypad

The other component to lighting is how you control the mood.  Our low-voltage in-wall keypads are available in many colors and even glass or metal.  They are all custom-engraved to suit the needs of the client.  And all scenes can be precisely configured by pc but later adjusted by mobile app.  Many keypads require low-voltage wiring best run during construction but we have some great options for existing buildings as well.


The next facet of our designer-friendly offerings is Audio/Video equipment engineered specifically for minimal openings or to blend into the surroundings.  One of our partner manufacturers, Media Decor,  offers designs that integrate flat panel tv’s of all sizes into the the decor, whether it’s by dressing them up or hiding them altogether.

Edge Media Frame

Media Decor Edge Media Frame

Art Lifts

Illusion Moving Art Screen









James Small Aperture Speaker

Designers typically desire ceilings with as few protrusions as possible.  To that end, we offer speakers that are completely hidden, but for best results, we have full-range speakers from James Loudspeaker and Sonance that effectively offer 100% of the performance of a traditional speaker, just with minimal openings that can match the bezels from our small aperture lights.  These speakers are required to be installed during construction before sheetrock has been finished since the majority of the speaker remains hidden behind the finished ceiling.

At KINETIQ, we pride ourselves in being the region’s best resource for advanced audio, video and automation.  Our best product in all actuality is our experience.  That’s what allows us to build in shades to ceilings, locate all of the AV equipment away from view, and do it all with minimal difficulty.  Most of what we offer is at no additional cost since we are always willing to go the extra mile to delight our clients AND their designers.  Contact us today for a consultation on your next project!

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