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KINETIQ smart. home. is honored to have earned the distinction of being the largest Lutron dealer in the entire nine state Southeast region. We have done this with 3 full time team members deploying the largest Lutron and Ketra natural lighting projects in luxury residences, delighting our clients along the way. Contact us today to learn how our personalized concierge business model leads to amazing results.

KINETIQ is transforming luxury new construction home building with our comprehensive approach to smart home system deployments.  We start out by getting to know you and your family and dig deep to determine how to match the best lighting, shading and entertainment systems to your individual lifestyle.  Much more than the typical lighting layout, we develop a comprehensive lighting plan, tailored to your budget and incorporating the latest technologies such as Ketra natural lighting systems and tunable led cove lights.

We work with your architect, interior designer, general contractor, and electrician to make sure all stakeholders are on the same page and the equipment is installed properly, faithfully reproducing the lighting plan.  Because we are a small team, you work with the same professionals throughout the process.  We can’t stress how important this is – and how different our approach is from any of the competition.  We deploy larger, more sophisticated systems very efficiently, which is the reason we do more volume than integrators with 10 times the number of employees.

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