A few days ago, I wrote a blog about real home automation vs “home automation”. Many times, “home automation”, with my use of quotes referring to the home automation in its most basic form, is indicative of the low cost of the items involved, but today I want to point out an affordable system by a major manufacturer that does automation the right way. The Caseta system by Lutron is by all measures an affordable home lighting, shading and HVAC control system. It’s available in some forms through major retailers like Home Depot, but the only form in which it fits my definition of real home automation is when it’s powered by the Smart Bridge Pro. That piece is not available through any of the major retailers because they have no way of supporting the best feature of the SBP: 3rd party control. Even though Caseta’s own app does some pretty cool stuff, it’s still just lighting, shades and HVAC. It’s missing control of your AV system, which is crucial, and other peripheral components such as garage doors, security, pool controls, fireplaces, etc. All that we can control with a real automation system such as our Crestron and Savant offerings, and that’s where the 3rd party compatibility comes in. This allows us to tap into the features of the Caseta system from our main control system and give our clients a single app that integrates everything. Pretty cool. And not something you’ll find in any other affordable lighting control system. Having this system in our arsenal lowers the cost of entry for lighting control by up to 50% which we think is great. We love being able to give our clients the coolest features without having to charge an arm and a leg.

Of course, Caseta is not the be all and end all of lighting control systems. It’s meant for smaller residences and as such device control is limited to a 30′ radius (update: now 60′ with an optional extender) from the Smart Bridge Pro and up to 50 lighting, shading and control devices with no support for advanced loads like fan speed controls (update: fan speed controls now available and add up to 75 total devices!). That means most likely Caseta would work great in a 2000 square foot home but a 4000 square foot home would be too large. In that case, of course, we have other systems like RadioRa 2 and Homeworks QS that can support any size home imaginable.

This is just another example of how we at KINETIQ.tech sift through the various available systems and only recommend those that work best. Caseta is a system that, in the right setting, can be a great entry point into Real Home Automation.

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