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Our human centric, tunable lighting system transforms your indoor space to be in perfect harmony with the natural rhythm of the sun

Human centric lighting systems, alternatively known as tunable white or circadian rhythm lighting systems, are engineered with one purpose – to bring the sun’s natural cycle of light to the indoor environment.  Through hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, our bodies are adapted to work best when we wake up with the soft, warm light of sunrise, then to work under the bright, cool white light of the midday sun, and then to gradually wind down and get ready for slumber with softer, warmer light after sunset.

Our smartphones automatically remove the blue light at night to prepare us better for a restful night’s sleep, but traditional lighting systems do not have this capability.  Enter the latest in indoor lighting technology, the human centric lighting system.  Our human centric lighting systems adapt automatically throughout the day to always show the right intensity and color temperature to replicate the natural outdoor light inside.

KINETIQ smart.home. is the industry leader in human centric natural lighting systems.  We have deep expertise to successfully deploy these sophisticated systems and program them so they are second nature for you and your guests to operate.

There are three required components for adding human centric lighting to your home

Specialized Tunable Light Fixtures

We recommend specifying compatible fixtures everywhere human centric lighting is desired , including built-in architectural lighting fixtures, LED strip lighting, and decorative fixtures.  After all, if your recessed lights are fully compatible but your chandelier is not, the difference during parts of the day will be very noticeable – and not in a good way!  We recommend architectural recessed fixtures from Lutron, Ketra, and DMF and we offer thousands of compatible decorative fixtures ready for Ketra bulbs so all the light in the room is synchronized beautifully.

Circadian Rhythm Lighting Controller

A controller capable of controlling specialized tunable light fixtures.  We offer various options from Lutron, Control4, Vantage, and Colorbeam.  The key is to make everything work in the background so all you have to do is press a button or give a voice command and the lights turn on to the correct CCT and intensity.  These advanced systems are just as easy to use as a traditional switch or dimmer.

Lutron Homeworks QSX Processor

Keypads for setting the mood

Our Lutron Homeworks keypads are beautiful and functional, and they serve the purpose of telling the controller which lights to turn on.  Our Palladiom and Alisse keypads set the industry standard for industrial design, and as part of the incredibly reliable Homeworks ecosystem, they will last for many, many years.