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Our Ketra natural lighting system brings your indoor space into perfect harmony with nature.

Ketra is the leader in the latest lighting systems that adapt throughout the day to bring the Sun’s naturally shifting color temperatures to the indoor environment.  Known alternatively as human-centric lighting, circadian rhythm lighting, or tunable lighting, Ketra is the leader in this cutting edge technology.  Leveraging Lutron’s extensive experience in bulletproof wireless communication, Ketra’s advanced system requires no additional wiring and can even be added to existing spaces.

Available exclusively for the Lutron Homeworks whole-home control system, KINETIQ works with your build team to bring this exciting technology to your space, controlled by beautiful Palladiom or Alisse keypads.

New Construction

Small aperture fixtures for new builds or extensive remodel projects.  Available in square, round, flanged and flangeless configurations and multiple beam angles.

Existing Buildings

Upgrade existing 4″, 5″ or 6″ recessed housings and decorative fixtures to the full Ketra feature set.

Cove and Task Lighting

Lightbar Slim extends the Ketra natural lighting features to coves, linear applications, cabinets and more.

Ketra natural lighting systems transform your space with dynamic lighting.

  • Automatically adjusting, full color illumination
  • Highest quality white lighting, amazing color rendering capabilities
  • Scales to hundreds of devices for the largest estates
  • Fully synchronized, reliable wireless operation
  • Control by handheld remote, in-wall keypad, mobile app, voice or time of day.
  • Compatible with the Homeworks QSX control system